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    Since 2016 we have been using photovoltaic panels for the self-production of electricity


    We are replacing single-dose products with dispensers


    We monitor consumption and waste to constantly improve ourselves and reduce the amount of undifferentiated rubbish


    We support the committees of the Bolognina neighborhood and the Basilica di San Petronio association

Our commitment is concrete and verified!

We have adopted the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria and in January 2024 we have obtained the GSTC certification

Certificazione Sostenibilità GSTC City Hotel Bologna




Give our guests a welcoming and comfortable experience, sharing the culture and traditions of the area.

Create an inclusive, participatory and safe working environment, ensuring environmental, social and financial sustainability.





In May 2023 we decided to undertake an ambitious continuous improvement project to reduce the City Hotel's impact on the environment and the local community.

We have activated a conscious and sustainable management process from all points of view: Environmental, Social, Cultural and Economic.




  • Sustainable and Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified courtesy line
  • Self-production of electricity with photovoltaic system since 2016
  • Monitoring and containment of consumption
  • Careful selection for collaborations and suppliers: more than 40% of our suppliers are provincial suppliers, the percentage rises to 48% if we consider only suppliers of goods
  • Membership of the Stay for the Planet, Stay Plasticless, Go.Get.Green program. and Best Western Italia's Energy Plan
  • Support to the local community with concrete actions:
    • The spaces of our hotel are a showcase for the Cooperativa Cartiera, which in 2017 developed an ethical fashion laboratory by activating an ethically and socially sustainable production process. It produces leather and fabric accessories, recovering high quality raw materials and employing people in disadvantaged conditions.
    • In the hotel you can also buy "sustainable souvenirs": the fantastic key ring tortellini by DubleTrouble - Margherita and Caterina aim to support a culture of circular and sustainable fashion, based in particular on the reuse of materials. The tortellini are created with waste leather and handcrafted.